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Projects By Description
ANTLR Translator generator antlr
Antlib that provides a test framework for Apache Ant tasks and types. antunit antunit-test
Apache Commons Collections 3.x commons-collections
Apache HTTP Server apache-httpd-buildconf apache-httpd-configure apache-httpd-make apache-httpd-make-install
Apache Portable Runtime apr-1-buildconf apr-1-configure apr-1-make apr-1-make-install apr-buildconf apr-configure apr-make apr-make-install
Apache XML Commons - externally defined standards - DOM,SAX,JAXP; plus xml utilities xml-apis xml-resolver-test
Bean Scripting Framework jakarta-bsf
Bean Utilities commons-beanutils
Build the Configuration for daemon commons-daemon-native-buildconf
Byte Code Engineering Library bcel
Catalog based entity and URI resolution xml-resolver
Code Generation Library cglib cglib-nodep
Commons CLI Package commons-cli
Commons Daemon commons-daemon
Commons Encoding/Decoding Package commons-codec
Commons Exec Package commons-exec
Commons I/O Utility Package commons-io
Commons Net commons-net
Configure the build for daemon commons-daemon-native-configure
Connectors to various web servers tomcat-connectors-native tomcat-jk-native tomcat-jk-native-buildconf tomcat-jk-native-configure
Cross project build tool ant-1.6.5-pom gump-test xalan-pom
EasyMock is a Java library that provides an easy way to use Mock Objects in unit testing. easymock easymock-parent easymock3
Fast and flexible logging package for Java logging-log4j-12 logging-log4j-12-tests
Guava is a suite of core and expanded libraries that include utility classes, google's collections, io classes, and much much more. google-guava google-guava-parent
HTTP Client Library, version 3.1 commons-httpclient
JSP Taglibs taglibs-standard-spec
JSR 152 jakarta-servletapi-5-jsp
JSR 154 jakarta-servletapi-5-servlet
JSRs 152 and 154 txt2html-task
Java API for XML Processing jaxp
Java Mail javamail
Java Unit test framework junit test-junit
Java XML Parser - the sequel with no equal xjavac xml-xerces
Java based build tool ant ant-testutil bootstrap-ant dist-ant org.apache.ant test-ant
Java style checker checkstyle
JavaBeans Activation Framework jaf
Lexical Analyzer Generator for Java jlex
Logging Library Package commons-logging commons-logging-step-1
Native application for daemon commons-daemon-native
Objenesis is a small Java library that serves one purpose: To instantiate a new object of a particular class. objenesis objenesis-parent
OpenSSL Encryption Library openssl-configure openssl-make openssl-make-install openssl-make-test
OpenSSL Encryption Library (Branch 1.1.1) openssl-1.1.1-configure openssl-1.1.1-make openssl-1.1.1-make-install openssl-1.1.1-make-test
PCRE - Perl Compatible Regular Expressions pcre-autogen pcre-configure pcre-make pcre-make-install
Parser Generator for Java java_cup
Provides a library of matcher objects (also known as constraints or predicates) allowing 'match' rules to be defined declaratively, to be used in other frameworks. hamcrest-java hamcrest-java-library
Release 2.x of the Xalan-Java XSLT processor xalan
Taglib Parent POM taglibs-parent
The Apache Attic was created in November 2008 to provide process and solutions to make it clear when an Apache project has reached its end of life. avalon-framework-api avalon-logkit jakarta-regexp oro
The Eclipse jars eclipse
The bnd jars bnd
This aims to be a complete implementation of XZ data compression in pure Java. xz
Tomcat 10.x, a web server implementing the Jakarta Servlet 5.0, Jakarta Server Pages 3.0, Jakarta Expression Language 4.0 & Jakarta WebSocket 2.0 specifications tomcat-trunk tomcat-trunk-test-apr tomcat-trunk-test-nio tomcat-trunk-test-nio2 tomcat-trunk-validate tomcat-trunk-validate-eoln
Tomcat 7.x, a web server implementing Java Servlet 3.0, Java Server Pages 2.2 & Expression Language 2.2 specifications tomcat-tc7.0.x tomcat-tc7.0.x-test-apr tomcat-tc7.0.x-test-bio tomcat-tc7.0.x-test-nio tomcat-tc7.0.x-validate tomcat-tc7.0.x-validate-eoln
Tomcat 8.x, a web server implementing the Java Servlet 3.1, Java Server Pages 2.3, Unified Expression Language 3.0 & Java WebSocket 1.0 specifications tomcat-tc8.5.x tomcat-tc8.5.x-test-apr tomcat-tc8.5.x-test-nio tomcat-tc8.5.x-test-nio2 tomcat-tc8.5.x-validate tomcat-tc8.5.x-validate-eoln
Tomcat 9.x, a web server implementing the Java Servlet 4.0, Java Server Pages 2.4?, Unified Expression Language 3.1? & Java WebSocket 1.2? specifications tomcat-tc9 tomcat-tc9-test-apr tomcat-tc9-test-nio tomcat-tc9-test-nio2 tomcat-tc9-validate tomcat-tc9-validate-eoln
Tomcat native library using Apache Portable Runtime tomcat-native-1.2-1.1.1-buildconf tomcat-native-1.2-1.1.1-configure tomcat-native-1.2-1.1.1-make tomcat-native-1.2-1.1.1-make-install tomcat-native-trunk-buildconf tomcat-native-trunk-configure tomcat-native-trunk-make tomcat-native-trunk-make-install
Useful little Ant tasks ant-contrib ant-contrib-private-ivy ant-contrib-private-ivy2
Validation Framework commons-validator
XML to Java Object Configuration commons-digester
utilities for the classes that are in java.lang's hierarchy commons-lang commons-lang3

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