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Prefix Name Value

Command Line

xbuild /help 


XBuild Engine Version 14.0
Mono, Version
Copyright (C) 2005-2013 Various Mono authors
xbuild [options] [project-file]
    /version		Show the xbuild version
    /noconsolelogger	Disable the default console logger
    /target:T1[,TN]	List of targets to build
			Set or override project properties
    /logger:<logger>	Custom logger to log events
    /verbosity:<level>	Logger verbosity level : quiet, minimal, normal, detailed, diagnostic
    /validate		Validate the project file against the schema
    /validate:<schema>	Validate the project file against the specified schema
			Parameters for the console logger
		        Parameters for the file logger, eg. LogFile=foo.log
    /nologo		Don't show the initial banner
    /help		Show this help

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