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Testsuite: org.apache.tomcat.util.json.TestJSONFilter
Tests run: 20, Failures: 0, Errors: 0, Skipped: 0, Time elapsed: 0.043 sec

Testcase: testStringEscaping[0: input[], output[]] took 0.002 sec
Testcase: testStringEscaping[1: input["], output[\"]] took 0.001 sec
Testcase: testStringEscaping[2: input[\], output[\\]] took 0 sec
Testcase: testStringEscaping[3: input[	], output[\t]] took 0 sec
Testcase: testStringEscaping[4: input[
], output[\n]] took 0 sec
Testcase: testStringEscaping[5: input[
], output[\r]] took 0 sec
Testcase: testStringEscaping[6: input[aaa], output[aaa]] took 0 sec
Testcase: testStringEscaping[7: input[
aaa], output[\naaa]] took 0 sec
Testcase: testStringEscaping[8: input[

aaa], output[\n\naaa]] took 0.001 sec
Testcase: testStringEscaping[9: input[/aaa], output[/aaa]] took 0 sec
Testcase: testStringEscaping[10: input[aaa
aaa], output[aaa\naaa]] took 0 sec
Testcase: testStringEscaping[11: input[aaa

aaa], output[aaa\n\naaa]] took 0 sec
Testcase: testStringEscaping[12: input[aaa
], output[aaa\n]] took 0 sec
Testcase: testStringEscaping[13: input[aaa

], output[aaa\n\n]] took 0 sec
Testcase: testStringEscaping[14: input[
], output[\naaa\naaa\n]] took 0 sec
Testcase: testStringEscaping[15: input[



], output[\n\naaa\n\naaa\n\n]] took 0.002 sec
Testcase: testStringEscaping[16: input[

], output[\n\n]] took 0 sec
Testcase: testStringEscaping[17: input[
], output[\n\u0002\n]] took 0 sec
Testcase: testStringEscaping[18: input[
_], output[\n\u0002\n\u001A]] took 0 sec
Testcase: testStringEscaping[19: input[_
_], output[\u001A\n\u0002\n\u001A]] took 0 sec

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