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Testsuite: org.apache.tomcat.util.http.TestCookies
Tests run: 53, Failures: 0, Errors: 0, Skipped: 0, Time elapsed: 0.188 sec
------------- Standard Error -----------------
Jul 16, 2018 3:10:05 AM org.apache.tomcat.util.http.parser.Cookie logInvalidHeader
INFO: A cookie header was received [__r] that contained an invalid cookie. That cookie will be ignored.Note: further occurrences of this error will be logged at DEBUG level.
Jul 16, 2018 3:10:05 AM org.apache.tomcat.util.http.LegacyCookieProcessor processCookieHeader
INFO: Cookies: Invalid cookie. Value not a token or quoted value
 Note: further occurrences of Cookie errors will be logged at DEBUG level.
Jul 16, 2018 3:10:05 AM org.apache.tomcat.util.http.parser.Cookie logInvalidVersion
INFO: A cookie header was received using an unrecognised cookie version of [0]. The header and the cookies it contains will be ignored.Note: further occurrences of this error will be logged at DEBUG level.
------------- ---------------- ---------------

Testcase: v1EscapedDQuoteInValueOld took 0.064 sec
Testcase: allow8BitInV0Value took 0.004 sec
Testcase: v1DomainOnlyAffectsPrecedingCookieRfc6265 took 0.001 sec
Testcase: v1DomainOnlyAffectsPrecedingCookieOld took 0 sec
Testcase: v1QuoteInQuotedValueRfc6265 took 0 sec
Testcase: v1NameOnlyIsDroppedOld took 0 sec
Testcase: disallow8BitControlInV1UnquotedValue took 0.003 sec
Testcase: rfc2109Version0Old took 0.001 sec
Testcase: testJsonInV0 took 0 sec
Testcase: testJsonInV1 took 0 sec
Testcase: v1QuoteInValueOld took 0 sec
Testcase: v1SingleQuotesAreValidTokenCharactersOld took 0 sec
Testcase: disallowControlInV1UnquotedValue took 0 sec
Testcase: testSkipSemicolonOrComma took 0 sec
Testcase: v1PathAffectsPrecedingCookieOld took 0.001 sec
Testcase: testBasicCookieRfc6265 took 0.001 sec
Testcase: v1DQuoteInValueRfc6265 took 0 sec
Testcase: v1QuotedValueEndsInBackslashRfc6265 took 0 sec
Testcase: v1DomainIsParsedOld took 0 sec
Testcase: v1EscapedDQuoteInValueRfc6265 took 0 sec
Testcase: v1PortIsIgnoredOld took 0.001 sec
Testcase: v1QuotedValueEndsInBackslashOld took 0.002 sec
Testcase: v1PathAffectsPrecedingCookieRfc6265 took 0.001 sec
Testcase: v1SingleQuotesAreValidTokenCharactersRfc6265 took 0 sec
Testcase: v1MismatchedQuotesOld took 0.001 sec
Testcase: testEmptyPairsOld took 0.002 sec
Testcase: disallow8bitInName took 0 sec
Testcase: testSeparatorsInValueOld took 0.017 sec
Testcase: v1QuoteInValueRfc6265 took 0.001 sec
Testcase: v1QuoteInQuotedValueOld took 0 sec
Testcase: testBasicCookieOld took 0.002 sec
Testcase: testEmptyPairsRfc6265 took 0.003 sec
Testcase: v1DomainIsParsedRfc6265 took 0.001 sec
Testcase: disallow8bitInV1UnquotedValue took 0 sec
Testcase: allow8bitInV1QuotedValue took 0 sec
Testcase: v1NameOnlyIsDroppedRfc6265 took 0.002 sec
Testcase: testQuotedValueOld took 0.001 sec
Testcase: disallow8BitControlInName took 0 sec
Testcase: v1TokenValueOld took 0.002 sec
Testcase: disallowControlInName took 0 sec
Testcase: v1TokenValueRfc6265 took 0 sec
Testcase: v1DQuoteInValueOld took 0 sec
Testcase: testSeparatorsInValueRfc6265 took 0 sec
Testcase: testNameOnlyAreDroppedOld took 0 sec
Testcase: disallowControlInV1QuotedValue took 0 sec
Testcase: v1QuotedValueOld took 0 sec
Testcase: rfc2109Version0Rfc6265 took 0.003 sec
Testcase: v1QuotedValueRfc6265 took 0 sec
Testcase: disallowControlInV0Value took 0.001 sec
Testcase: testQuotedValueRfc6265 took 0.006 sec
Testcase: v1PortIsIgnoredRfc6265 took 0 sec
Testcase: v1MismatchedQuotesRfc6265 took 0 sec
Testcase: testNameOnlyAreDroppedRfc6265 took 0 sec

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